What books did Richard Samuel Elman write?

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I would like to know what is the names of the books Richard Samuel Elman wrote?

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Richard Samuel Elman wrote these books:
"Namedropping: Mostly Literary Memoirs" in 1992 year,
"Cathedral-Tree-Train and Other Poems" in 1972 year,
"Fredi & Shirl & the kids" in 1982 year,
"The menu cypher" in 1980 year,
"The breadfruit lotteries" in 1967 year,
"Ill-at-ease in Compton" in 1973 year,
"Crossing over, and other tales" in 1975 year,
"The Man Who Ate New York" in 1973 year,
"Uptight with the Stones" in 1971 year,
"An education in blood" in 1991 year,
"Tar Beach" in 1958 year,
"A coat for the Tsar" in 1978 year,
"Taxi driver" in 1980 year,
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